Статьи в Иностранных Периодических Изданиях

Effect of the buffer gases on the light shift suppression possibility.

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Vibration-proof ECDL with an Intracavity Interference Filter.

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Frequency control of tunable lasers using a frequency-calibrated λ-meter in an experiment on preparation of Rydberg atoms in a magneto-optical trap.

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Laser frequency standards at the P N Lebedev Physical Institute.

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Compact extended-cavity diode laser for atomic spectroscopy and metrology.

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Diode laser coupled to a high-Q microcavity via a GRIN lens.

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Subkilohertz enhanced-power diode-laser spectrometer in the visible.

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Laserdiodenverstärker für sichtbare Strahlung.

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Narrow-line-width diode laser with a high-Q microsphere resonator.

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Injection locking of a red extended-cavity diode laser.

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High-coherence diode laser with optical feedback via a microcavity with ‘whispering gallery’ modes.

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Limits of continuous frequency tuning of injection lasers with selective external cavities.

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Matching of a stripe injection laser to an external resonator.

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Power broadening of saturation absorption resonance on the D2 line of rubidium.

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Minimum line width of an injection laser.

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